Left Hand Drive Cars in the UK

Importing a left hand drive car in to the UK is more and more a subject people are dealing with..


The world is constantly changing and so are peoples lifestyles whether you have a home in the UK and one on the continent or your returning to the UK with you foreign plated car or even moving to the Uk for the first time with your car. The number of left hand drive cars operating in the UK and being formally imported is growing year on year. The free movement within the EU also adds to this with people being able to simply cross borders and start new lives in another country.


Registering a left hand drive vehicle in the UK is not a problem in principle. The system managed by the DVLA is setup to accomodate this wholly but before they can start the process of registering a vehicle there is a set of requirements:


1.) Meet EU regulations for emissions and safety standards

2.) Meet driving conditions for driving on the left hand side of the road


Meeting EU regulations is called Type Approval and in the first instance is quickly answered by the provision on a document called a certificate of conformity (CoC). This document required all over the EU states that the vehicle is in effect “EU Friendly”. Job Done! If you don’t have this then the vehicle has to assessed by VOSA who will produce IVA or SVA certification to state it meets this standard. A slightly more expensive process with a longer wait to undergo.


Once you have this certified approval then you need to show that the car is suitable for left lane traffic. This means correctly positioned fog lights, MPH read out and head lights suitable for the side of the road. If a used vehicle then a MOT is required too.


The process of importing your left hand drive car up to this point can take from between 1 week to 5 weeks. Hopefully during this period it will have been customs cleared too. Total Auto provide a car import service handling all of these things for clients looking to import a car or register a car that is already here.