LHD Car Pricing Compared: Spain Vs UK

If you are looking for a used left hand drive car for Spain you quickly realise how expensive it can be..

Especially when compared to what we are used to in terms of used car pricing here in the UK. The UK market is a fast paced and dynamic market. Generally speaking when compared with our continental neighbours pricing is 10-30% lower on used vehicles. This is driven by a number of factors. The UK market is about volume achieved through pricing led sales. Margin expectations are far lower for UK dealers as such. Key to this as well as is a drive for quality in most parts of the market and we also have structured pricing guides like CAP, Glass and even Parkers that set pricing for the country as a whole where elsewhere it is much more traditional in it’s approach and is based perceived value and “what it should be worth” in commodity terms. Ok so we’re not directly comparing vehicles with steering wheels on the correct side of the vehicle but here at Total Auto our buying model is based on buying left hand drive cars at UK pricing structures which instantly gives us an instant advantage which our customers can also enjoy. Let’s look at some comparisons between UK pricing and Spanish.

So a 2013 left hand drive Opel Zafira Diesel with around 50000 miles is worth around €12000 in the UK using some of the common car classifieds in Spain we see that similar cars are priced at an average of around €14750 which is about a 18.5% difference in pricing. A 2012 used LHD Volkswagen Golf 1.6 TDI Estate which around 50000 miles would be worth around €10800 here in the UK and just over €13000 in Spain which is around 17% different.

Some of the other big differences outside of pricing is condition. There is less of a focus on cosmetic condition outside of the UK where we are keen that our vehicles are well prepared in terms of damage, dents and scratches. This isn’t such a driving factor for Spanish dealers and buyers. Mileages on the whole tend also to a great deal higher again something that us Brits struggle with, lets face it it’s hard enough looking a six figure kilometres readings as it is. The climate in Spain does help as rust etc. is far less there. Also maintenance history is another consideration as there would seem to be less consideration given to the concept of “full documented service history”.

So a bit part of it is price but equally quality of what you are buying as well. All round these present more and more reasons as to why buyers look to bring a car into Spain from the UK.