LHD Jaguar: A Luxury Alternative

Left Hand Drive Jaguar is something we know a thing or two about and with some great deals from Total Auto maybe it’s something you should consider too.

Jaguar much like Land Rover and Range Rover is a brand that many look to the UK to supply. Being the home of these prestigious brands along with some of the best Recommended Retail Pricing on the continent it certainly makes a lot of sense to get a quote for your left hand drive import from here. Good discounts, reasonable lead times, available stock but most overall a quality product.

Many people when looking for a new LHD car from the luxury segment instantly think German and consider Audi, BMW or Mercedes but Jaguar offers an equivocal level of luxury and premium. Excellent build quality, great technology and distinct edge are just some of what you can expect. Jaguar has moved on a long way since the days of being the cousin to Ford and the technology now available is unique and developed alongside the ever successful Land Rover brand. This year we have seen the arrival of the F Pace which aims to take on Range Rover at it’s own game with Jaguar’s first ever SUV. If you are looking for something sporty then it is well worth considering the Jaguar F Type. Jeremy Clarkson heralded this as a worthy competitor to the Aston Martin at a price that meant you could own 2 or 3 for the price of one Aston. The coupe and convertible versions stand out from the crowd and offer amazing performance.

For the mass market we have the Jaguar XE. The nifty sports saloon car that offers compact luxury motoring and the ever popular Jaguar XF. Left hand drive Jaguar XF have been a staple theme amongst Total Auto’s diverse range of clients across Europe and the rest of the world. At this point in time there are some exceptionally strong deals on XF too meaning you could be driving one for less. The 2.0 diesel ingenium engine also stands out from the crowd with CO2 emissions as low as 110 meaning that this premium luxury saloon can be imported into most country’s without penalty or additional tax.

Decidely striking looks make the XF stand out from the crowd. The German brands have a uniform and over popularised look, Lexus struggles to inspire at times but the Jaguar is well… as a Jaguar. The wild cat roaring forth from the bonnet centre shouting I want something different, something British and something that represents a bit of motoring history.

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