The Luxury of Time and LHD Cars

To maximise the benefit of a LHD Car import allow yourself time to get it right.

When someone is looking at importing a left hand drive car we always recommend allowing as much time as possible to deal not only with the import but also to find that right car. First of all the import process can be complex to say the least. Whilst Total Auto in some instances handle those complications there are still considerations like getting all of your papers in place that in countries like Spain need to be spot and it may require trips to renew NIE certificates, notarise documents and so on.

The big area where time makes a crucial difference is where you are trying to find that ideal car. Some of the best deals on new left hand drive cars come from continental stock which can still take 3-4 weeks to import into another country given considerations around logistics and administration. Equally certain brands and very specific requirements might require factory order which tends to be a minimum of 8 weeks and up to 40 weeks in other cases. Brands like left hand drive Range Rover can on average be 20-24 weeks.

When looking for a used left hand drive car time is also a great luxury. Rushing to a purchase can mean you overpay, choose something of an inferior quality or missing out on an opportunity which in real terms is only a few weeks away.

We always recommend at least trying to get in touch 6-8 weeks before you need to make a purchase and also giving us 3-4 weeks from point of order to get the vehicle into the UK or wherever it needs to go. We also always like to provide certain backstops to the process too. For example, with British clients we will always ensure that a used car is registered either formally or on export plates in the UK so that should there be a hold up on final registration you are able to still drive your car in the interim.