As an importer of both new and used left hand drive cars, should you be looking to import a cars to the UK then Insignis can assist you with the full import and registration of your vehicle. Whether it is a car already here in the UK or a car you are bringing in we are able to support you in getting UK plates for your vehicle. We Can:

  • When Importing cars to the UK we offer collection from anywhere in the world before delivery to the UK.
  • Full Customs Clearance managing VAT and NOVA1 declarations as well C104a administration.
  • UK Vehicle Road Standards Modifications.
  • IVA, VCA and MOT Certification required for all vehicles.
  • DVLA Registration or Re-Registration
  • Supply Tax Discs, Documentation and Number Plates fully fitted or couriered to you.

Typically our Clients include:

  • People buying their car tax free from Europe.
  • People returning or moving to the UK from abroad.
  • Re-registration and “import” of cars already based in the UK.

Every circumstance is slightly different and we are experienced in all kinds of differing scenarios and one of our UK Import specialists can advise you on exactly what you need to do and how we can help.

So why not call us on 01480 400 388 or email

Alternatively you can complete our quick questionnaire whereby we can assess the exact requirements for your vehicle and provide you with a quote for all your costs of import.

We can also offer car import services for Spain and Switzerland.

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