Total Auto Imports came to life in 2007 as boutique prestige car sourcing agency principally supporting clients in sourcing premium and luxury cars, the focus was on concierge style customer service, sourcing and selling anything from Audi to Ferrari, new and used. Part of this involved the supply of left hand drive cars to meet the needs of UK clients who lived or spent time on the continent and so extended to supporting clients across the world. At this time the business was known as Insignis Cars.

 In 2010 Insignis was bought by TAS, a vehicle sourcing and fleet remarketing company with extensive experience in both the corporate and retail markets. TAS’s focus was on developing the UK left hand drive car proposition and with their influence and support Insignis Cars soon changed to a sole left hand drive car supply encompassing multi-brand sales and new used vehicle supply focusing on expatriates, second homer owners, military, diplomatic and personal export buyers across Europe and the world.

In 2011 Insignis introduced their specialist vehicle programme aiming to support clients with additional vehicle conversion services including bespoke vehicle modification for special projects, armouring and custom conversions working with the likes of Kahn, Overfinch and Onyx. By the end of 2011 Total Auto could be recognised as one of the fastest growing suppliers of left hand drive vehicles in the UK overtaking competitors in terms of proposition and product offering.

2012 saw Insignis offer an even more supportive service which enabled them to offer clients a more advanced service including full import and registration into a number of European countries including the UK, Spain, Switzerland, Germany and Belgium and the number of countries where they can support full import is growing all the time. At this time Total Auto also joined the British Chamber of Commerce to further support their service offering.

At the end of 2013 Insignis launched a UK import service for clients looking to import and register vehicles not supplied by Insignis with a process that incorporated full customs clearance, modification and registration in the UK. The service was designed to support those moving to the UK, coming back to the UK and for cars already based in the UK that needed to meet EU regulations for re-registration. 2013 also saw Insignis invited on to the Government run UK Trade and Investment support Open to Export scheme.

In 2014 this was further supported by moving the business into a new premises which provided the business with facilities and workshop space to deal with modification and preparation of vehicles as well as acting an inception point for customers whose cars were coming in to the UK.

Moving into 2016/17 Insignis opened it’s first site continental site in Spain, the companies biggest market and in 2017. The UK business then owned by Total Automotive in late 2017 change it’s name from Insignis Cars to Total Auto Imports.