Armoured Vehicle Conversions

Interested in Buying an Armoured Car?


Armoured Range RoverWhen it comes to pricing – quite simply every vehicle is different and every requirement is different. Solutions can start from as little £5000 but our solution also represents a considerable cost reduction against manufacturer developed solutions and some cases saves tens of thousands of pounds on B6 Armouring Solutions as an example.

Vehicle armouring has long been a necessary requirement whether it’s a vehicle for a special purpose in a warzone, for diplomatic use, VIP use or even special operations. Total Auto has the experience to not only supply you with a brand new vehicle but also provide comprehensive vehicle armouring services provided by some of the leading independent bullet proofing systems.



armour-panelsBy using bullet proof materials that fit behind the panels of the vehicle we can maintain the look and feel of your vehicle, it’s lightweight nature also means that no additional modifications are required to the vehicle either. Also meaning that it can be fitted to ordinary passenger cars, sports cars, SUV’s and 4×4, Light Commercial Vehicles and Heavy Commercial Cabs. Panels are tailor made to suit the vehicle in question be it for side protection or full body protection. Additionally we can offer bullet proof glass which can be installed as blast proof or “anti smash and grab” protection. Armoured conversions can be done on both right and left hand drive vehicles and can be provided for cars all over the world.


So whether you are looking for an Armoured Range Rover or blast proof glass for your vehicle or have any kind of vehicle protection requirements why not contact our Special Project Representative on 01480 400388 or email