Currency, Pricing & Discounts


As a UK based company our principle currency is British Pound Sterling (£GBP), many of our standard price tariff cars are also based on £ pricing. The UK often has specialist pricing when compared with other places in Europe and the rest of the world although some of our listed brands are shown in Euro’s where supply is more beneficial to buy from elsewhere.

However we can accept payments in alterative Currencies including € and $ and can quote and fix your deal in these currencies. 

Don’t forget anything we buy in Euro’s is also index driven in terms of pricing so when the exchange rate is particularly high our pricing shown on the website is adjusted accordingly. So don’t be put off by one currency being particularly weak or high at a given time.

Total Auto can also recommend the services of WorldWide Currencies for payments to us if paying in Euro’s or any other currency. Typically they should be able to obtain you a stronger exchange rate closer to commercial rates as opposed to bank or high street exchange rates saving you more on your purchase.

Discounts and Pricing Structures

All our left hand drive cars are priced to be competitive taking advantage of regional price differentials and competitive UK prices as well as specially derived discounts for volume purchasers like Total Auto. Whilst we don’t always show in our listings and classifieds the actual discounts, you will see that all of our prices are shown as tax free (less 20% UK VAT) and also have either discount against UK or European Retail Price or are competitively priced against other European countries in the first instance. However, if you do manage to find a car cheaper elsewhere please do not hesitate to talk to us and we will do our best to beat or at very least price match the vehicle.

From time to time we become aware of tactical offers available from elsewhere in Europe and Total Auto can offer even better prices than what we have advertised. We may well offer you one of these deals when enquiring on one of standard offers and don’t hesitate to let us know your purchase budget as we maybe able to recommend something to you.

You also may notice that amongst the listings we have various “Stock Specials”. These are carefully selected new and nearly new deals on stock vehicles. Whilst we can’t modify the specifications or change the colours we can often offer you a stunning deal to make it worthwhile.