Left Hand Drive FAQ’S

When it comes to buying a car it is always an involved process and so it should be it is hardly a small purchase and when you buy left hand drive cars or even import or export a car a car there are a few more considerations to make. Total Auto Cars have produced a list of the most commonly asked questions and don’t forget all of the Total Auto team have extensive knowledge of left hand drive products and tax free and import issues and processes.


Who Can Buy a LHD Car/?

The simple answer is anyone can buy a left hand drive car. There are very countries in the world where driving a LHD car is actually illegal and certainly in all right hand drive countries in Europe it is legal.


Who Can Purchase a Tax Free Car?

Everyone has the potential to purchase a tax free car however to qualify for this the vehicle must be exported from the country in which you are purchasing it. You then must pay local VAT in the country you are importing into. There are some exceptions to this rule if you are British Forces Personnel Abroad looking for Military Sales or a serving diplomat and in these circumstances you can operate the vehicle tax free.


Other than Military and Diplomats are there ways to keep the car tax free?

Some employers maybe able to offer employees tax free status when moving to work in a country not of your own residence. There are also some solutions for nationals spending time within the EU throughout the year who do not hold EU nationality. Please speak to your Total Auto representative for more details.


When Do I Pay VAT on my LHD Car?

VAT or TVA or any local sales tax is due to be paid on the vehicle on import to the country you are taking it too. Rules on how long you have to do this change from country to country and are dependent on how the vehicle is physically imported into that country. For example, if imported by sea, Import VAT is due on entry.


Do I Need to Pay Import Duty?

If importing your car from the EU into a Non-EU or Associate state country then import duty will be due at local rates. If importing from within the EU no import duty is due to be paid. So for example, importing a car from the UK to Spain there would be no import duty to pay. If importing a car from the UK to Africa then there would be import duty to pay. If importing a car from the UK to Switzerland (who has an EU trade agreement in place) no import duty would be payable. Your Total Auto Advisor can help with more information.


Are Total Auto’s Cars EU Cars?

Unless specifically importing a specialist vehicle not available in Europe from somewhere like the USA. All of our cars are EU cars built for the European market place. They all come with a Certificate of Conformity which demonstrates the required safety and emissions standards for the region.


Do the Car’s require any modification for local registration?

Again every worldwide market is slightly different but certainly an EU specified car will not require modification within any left hand drive country in Europe. Some modification maybe required in the UK to meet UK standards although this is only likely to be a speedometer dial change if at all. Total Auto will handle any modifications for a UK registered vehicle.


How Do Trim and Option Levels Compare between UK and other European Specifications?

There is obviously no such thing as a mainstream left hand drive UK car but dependent upon the actual manufacturer itself trims may differ from UK specs or maybe exactly the same. Your Total Auto Cars represenative will take you through this. All LHD Cars come with primary KMH speedometers.


Do the Cars Come With Warranty?

All our cars comes with a warranty package. Each manufacturer offers a different package. Breakdown Assistance in some cases may also be included.


Do You Supply New and Used Cars?

Yes we do. All new left hand drive cars come with 0 to 70 kilometers on the clock.


What Deposit is Required on a Car Order?

Deposits range from 10 to 20% of the value of the order. In some instances this maybe slightly higher.


What Currency Can I Pay in and Who Do I Pay?

We principally accept Sterling however we can accept Euro’s calculated at the time of final payment. In many instances you will pay the balancing payment directly to one of our authorised dealers. This may alter if you are registering the vehicle in the UK and partial payments maybe made to vehicle registration service providers around Europe. We can also recommend a currency exchange company typically offering better than high street or Bank rates.


Do You Accept Part Exchanges?

We will consider part exchange.


Can You Assist with Insurance?

We have some recommended partners who can assist with insurance for your car.


Can You Deliver or Do I Need to Pick Up the Car?

We can offer delivery throughout Europe and most of the world. These are specially bespoked solutions. Some of our deals even included delivery to certain places. You are also welcome to pick up your car aswell from Total Auto or one of our partners.


Whilst every individual scenario brings further questions, these FAQ’s are designed to cover some basic questions that our clients typically have. Every vehicle and every country has slightly different rules. At Total Auto we are used to working closely with you throughout your purchase and will take the time to ensure that every issue and base is covered. Total Auto Cars prides itself on not only offering a vehicle sales function but also a complete left hand drive vehicle consultation service.