LHD Cars for Spain

Looking to Import a Left Hand Drive Car to Spain?

Importing a left hand drive car to Spain can be a complicated and costly process and buying a car in Spain itself can be even more expensive. Total Auto Cars have developed the “The Spanish Deal” for those of you looking to buy a LHD car to take with you to Spain and the Balearics be it permanently or even on a short term basis.

Importing cars to Spain is not an unusual practice many people do it and for good reason. The prices of cars are a lot higher than in most of Western Europe and this isn’t all driven by dealer margins in fact it is mainly down to the taxes levied by the Spanish authorities. First of all you have to pay VAT or IVA which is currently at 21% in addition to this Spain also charge a registration tax which averages around 12% but can be as high as 16% in Alicante. With up to 37% in government taxes alone plus the incidental registration costs amounting to 300-500 Euro’s it’s a costly task. When compared with a straight forward 20% VAT in the UK. This is further enhanced by slightly higher list prices than other European countries too. So in short many ex-patriots feel that buying a car from a Spanish dealer is not cost effective. Add to this issues of language and communication and complicated residency rules and it can feel like an insurmountable task.

In addition to this many people find themselves faced with the reality that they have to register their car in Spain. EU Law states that a foreign registered car may only remain in an EU country for 6 months within a year before having to leave. The Spanish Police are one of the most stringent in Europe on this matter and many expats fall foul of pushing this legal requirement.

Total Auto can help save you incredible amounts of money versus Spanish prices and help with the administrative process of importing a car essentially making it easier and cheaper than doing it on the ground in Spain.

There are a number of approaches to this dependent upon your individual circumstances whether you still have a home in the UK or not and what your Spanish Residency status is currently and indeed what is likely to be in the future. Ultimately Total Auto can assist with:

– Saving you money on the basic list price of your left hand drive car.

– Saving you 1% on the single VAT payment that is required for an EU citizen to make.

– Reduce the amount of registration tax you have to pay by 20% plus.

– Assist with gaining exemption from the registration tax in some instances.

These savings can literally run into thousands. For example, on a left hand drive Range Rover imported to Spain by a UK owner you could save as much as 23000 Euros or equaling around £18000! If you were able to gain exemption from the registration tax you could save a further 18000 Euros.

If you are looking to buy a left hand drive car in Spain or to take to Spain then why not talk to a Total Auto adviser now who will be able to talk you through the best way to manage your purchase and save time, hassle and money.

In addition to all of this if you are looking for a used Spanish registered LHD Car Total Auto can provide any car even our own UK registered used stock on Spanish plates with delivery http://dev.prestige-car-sales.com/spanish-registered-used-lhd-cars/to Spain. Find out more here.