LHD Cars for Switzerland

Import and Export of Left Hand Drive Cars in Switzerland?

Switzerland has long reached out to it’s European neighbours to buy and import cars and it also has vibrant and growing ex-patriot community particularly drawn by the financial markets and the ski lifestyles many people looking to move to Switzerland look seriously at importing their own car or buying a new one tax free to register in Switzerland.

Total Auto has long served this marketplace and Switzerland in particular is a common destination for both our ex-patriot and personal export/import clients. The prices of new vehicle are particularly high despite the low VAT rates and in recent years the introduction of car taxes and CO2 taxes has made this more expensive and admittedly added to the cost of import.

However Total Auto has a specialist program that can assist Swiss buyers with the entire import and registration process managing everything from payment of VAT/Car Tax and CO2 tax as well as dealing with the inspection process, customs and registration. Not only that but we can also arrange delivery to your door. We are also able to offer private buyers reduced rates of CO2 tax particularly important on high CO2 cars and rebates on lower CO2 cars as well.

Couple this with fantastic savings both against UK, European and Swiss List Price and you are sure to be able to enjoy massive cost reductions on your car purchase. So why not speak to one of Advisers today and see how we cans ave you money and time on your left hand drive car import to Switzerland.