Top Choices for Left Hand Drive Cars for Sale at Total Auto Cars UK

If you don’t already know which left hand drive car you would like to buy then maybe the Total Auto Top LHD Choices can provide some inspiration. These represent some of the top picks from our customers all over Europe.

LHD Land Rover & Range Rover

A brand built on luxury and 4×4 prowess. A LHD Land Rover or Range Rover offers its owner refined drive and performance through a range of cars that include options like the Discovery Sport, Evoque and the Range Rover Vogue. Find a great deal on a LHD Land Rover with us.

LHD Citroen

The French brand with a flare for something different and unique. Style is central to this brand and whats more so is economy both with great prices but also within it’s range of low emissions engines ideal for import anywhere in Europe. From small functional cars like the C3 to family favourites like the C4 Grand Picasso and C5. View our left hand drive Citroen offers

LHD Audi

The prestige of a German luxury car is rarely beaten and it is no exception with Audi. With our pricing structures based on discounted UK pricing we can offer some of the best prices in Europe. Small cars like the A1 and A3 through premium saloons like the A4 and A6 and don’t forget if you want a left hand drive 4×4 then an Audi Q5 or Q7 is a rea consideration. See all our left hand drive Audi deals.

LHD Nissan

This brand is popular particularly amongst British buyers and it is not surprising with a range of small cars and SUV’s that are ideal for around town, on the motorway and offroad. From the Nissan Note to the Nissan Qashqai to the X Trail not forgetting the versatile Nissan Navara. View all of our left hand drive Nissan deals

Individually Popular LHD Cars to cosnsider

Minibus – Left hand drive Renault Trafic Passenger

Small Car – LHD Fiat 500

Small Car – LHD Vauxhall Opel Corsa

Medium Car – LHD Volkswagen Golf

Medium Car – Ford Focus

SUV – Left Hand Drive Kia Sportage

SUV – LHD Volkswagen Tiguan

Pickup – Toyota Hi Lux

Family Car – Ford Mondeo

Family Estate – Volkswagen Passat

Luxury Saloon or Estate – Jaguar XF