Total Auto Update: Brexit, Spain and Motorbikes

The last few months have been crazy to say the least for Total Auto and the left hand drive car market place.

Since the end of June, the news and life in general has seen the subject of Brexit at the heart of a lot of conversation. The UK leaving the EU clearly is an area concern for many people including those of us who travel, live or spend time on the continent enjoying the benefits of the European Union. The biggest impact currently is that of the effect on Sterling and it’s dramatic drop in value. This of course has made the UK more interesting in terms of product priced in Sterling and we have seen a growing interest from all over the world in the product that is on offer. For a core customer base the role of someone like Total Auto is more important than ever as our keen pricing, discounts and “Back to Pound” pricing goes a long way to making left hand drive cars accessible and affordable.

At the beginning of September we were pleased to announce the official opening of Total Auto’s first site outside of the UK. Our new business opened it’s doors in Alhaurin El Grande in the Malaga Province of Spain. Entering on the ground into one of Total Auto’s biggest market places with the aim to have a direct presence with our expat and second home owner clients there. Darren Steels the Sales Director for Total Auto Cars SL commented “We are developing at a good pace with people knowing who we are, what we do and where we are. We have seen an ever growing footfall in customers coming in from the local area and also coming in from the coast. We are also seeing both the traditional expat client and also seeing a large number of local Spanish people who are interested in the way a British influenced business does things in the car sales market.” The aim of the business there continues to look to provide Total Auto’s personal and high level of service but also make the import model work to bring cost savings to it’s customers. As ever, we offer both new and used left hand drive cars with the opportunity to take a look at some of our stock on the ground, discuss sourcing that elusive used vehicle and of course specifying that brand new factory order car. Take a look at some of our used LHD cars in Spain.

Another exciting development at our Spanish site is the forthcoming arrival of motor bikes. In the UK we have never really developed this as a market due to competitive nature of the motorbike market but down in Spain bikes are popular and bikes are all year round. Chris Whiteman comments “This is an exciting development for us, we want to be able to offer the same pricing and quality levels we apply to our used LHD cars when it comes to bikes. Motorcycles, Off Road and Enduro Bikes as well as Scooters play a big part in Spanish life and the new dedicated showroom space at the Malaga site will be really interesting for us”. So watch this space for news on the formal opening of that.

So what’s a hot deal at the moment? Left hand drive Jaguar and particularly the XF and F Pace are strong sellers at the moment with some really good deal available on the popular executive saloon car and also the new SUV. Left hand drive Fiat product continues to be a staple offering providing style and good pricing particularly ideal for those looking for villa cars. We are also expecting some interesting new deals on Peugeot product which should be announced in the next couple of weeks.