LHD Jeep Renegade


Jeep’s compact LHD SUV


The Jeep Renegade is a recent addition to the Jeep family offering a compact SUV designed to compete in this popular market segment. A selection of engines influenced by the Fiat connection the manufacturer has offer better economy and emissions than ever before. Your left hand drive Jeep Renegade can be purchased tax free for import or export.

Price from: £14000 Tax Free

CO2 from: 120g/km

Average European Road Tax: Nil to medium

Ideal for: Move people or goods with ground clearance

The Renegade available in 3 trim levels, with a choice of 6 diesel and petrol engines with manual and automatic transmissions. It is is available in 4×2 and 4×4 versions.

Your LHD Jeep Renegade comes with a pan European warranty, certificate of conformity and spec levels are based on EU LHD specifications.

Tax Free pricing can be offerred to diplomatic, military, personal export and EU private buyers on tax free UK export plates. We can also offer registration and import servics in a number of destinations including the UK, Switzerland and Spain. Delivery is possible throughout Europe.

Request a quote for your desired Renegade by requesting more information above or calling one of our team of advisors. Feel free to provide us with your desired UK equivalient specification or a European specification from the manufacturers website.

** Co2 emissions, average road tax figures and vehicle specificaions are subject to changes in manufacturer products and Governmental tax changes.