Why buy a LHD car from the UK?


So despite being a right hand drive country why do so many people choose to buy a left hand drive car from the UK? In fact there are a multitude of reasons and situations that make Great Britain a great choice for buying an LHD car.


One of the most popular reasons is situation. Many British ex patriots or businesses looking to implement left hand drive fleet haveinsignis cars a requirement for a left hand drive vehicle be them cars or vans. The ability to buy from the UK helps service this requirement and overcomes obstacles surrounding language and residency. Being able to buy a car in the UK before you leave for your new home is a task best managed locally and the provision of export plates makes it easy to manage VAT requirements before importing it into your new country of residence. Equally a simple administrative system in the UK means that between your dealer, VOSA and the DVLA you can quickly register the vehicle on UK plates and pay VAT just like a normal right hand drive car.


The second common reason for buying an LHD car in the UK is language. English is widely spoken around the world and arranging the purchase of export left hand drive car is made easier when you speak the language of your supplier. Whilst French and Spanish are commonly spoken as well they for other reasons do not necessarily support a buyers requirements based on price or legislation. Equally for ex-pats language can be the reason that they don’t buy in their destination country preferring to deal with a UK company supported by UK law.


Next we have logisitics. Depsite being an island nation, Britain has some of the most mature trade routes in the world built over time and strong import and export industries. Whether it’s transport by road, via sea or even air freight. The UK has more transporters, ships and ports than almost any other European country with even the most low-key destinations being shipped to at least once a week. Logisitics is made simpler and more cost effective than almost anywhere else.


range-rover-evoque-releaseOne of the major over riding factors for any expat, business or private buyer from around the world is price. With one of the most dynamic and competitive automotive markets in the world maybe only rivalled by the USA and Germany pricing in the UK is keen to say the least and this is often reflected in left hand drive pricing as well. Whilst models and specification may differ slightly to other EU specifications (more often than not being higher specified) pricing is considerably less. Many automotive manufacturers also have standalone subsidiaries based in the UK. For example both Nissan and Ford have UK organisations with different pricing models to mainland Europe. LHD Nissan and left hand drive Ford are some of the cheapest in the world. When it comes to the premium segment competition in the UK between the German brands is high so we are able to offer
extremely competitive terms on left hand drive Audi and BMW. And don’t forget that the UK still builds a number of cars for worldwide distribution. Land Rover, Range Rover and Jaguar are all built in Coventry. Vauxhall and Opel right and left hand drive are built in Luton. Many Nissan’s are built in Sunderland and Ford and Honda also have manufacturing plants in the UK too.


The second pricing factor comes form exchange rate. The British Pound is a stable currency that sees only marginal fluctuation throughout the year meaning stable pricing for most buyers. The ability to buy from elsewhere in the world and take advantage of exchange rate fluctuations with other currencies can also lead to some great deals on new and used left hand drive cars.


All in all the UK is an automotive hub and a great place to consider for your left hand drive car purchase. Total Auto represents all brands and can help you decide what the best car is for you being able to offer variety, price led deals, market intelligence, import and export advice on local tax and registration issues and also a worldwide transport network. With Total Auto you can put your new or used car purchase in safe hands and concentrate on the other things in life.